Undeniably the sport that made Cabarete famous! The popular Cabarete Bay provides one of the top windsurfing locations in the world—ranked in the top 10! Cabarete hosts numerous world-class events including the World Championships five times in the past several years.

The reason Cabarete is so popular for windsurfing comes from the Easterly Trade Winds coming across the Atlantic. The winds tend to blow side-shore (right to left – beach oriented) across the Cabarete Bay. Typically morning winds are lighter, which is perfect for beginners, with the heavier winds picking up in the afternoon for the more experienced surfer.

The outer reef of the bay offers excellent protection for those within the bay. Heavy seas are kept out while superior wave action continues into the bay. With steady winds virtually year around, it is easy to see why the Cabarete Bay is considered one of the “must surf” destinations for windsurfing aficionados.

From beginners to experienced, the windsurfing in Cabarete is sure to entertain and invigorate you. Scattered along the 3 km long Cabarete Beach are many windsurfing establishments offering training (beginner and advanced), equipment rentals and more. Come and see what Jean Laporte, a Canadian windsurfer, discovered in 1984; a paradise for windsurfing!

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