One of the hottest and most exciting new water sports in the world is the sport of kiteboarding, sometimes called kite surfing. Cabarete is one of the most popular places on Earth to learn and perfect your skills in this exhilarating new sport. In fact, some of the best individuals in the world of kiteboarding have chosen Cabarete as the location for their regular training camp!

The area called ‘Bozo Beach’ between Cabarete Beach and Kite Beach is the location of the 2001 Kiteboarding World Championship as well as the 2002 and 2003 World Cups. Further, the 3rd week in June Cabarete hosts the largest kiteboarding event in the world…you have to see this to believe it!

The official name of the best kiteboarding beach is Kite Beach. Located at the opposite end of the Cabarete Beach from our resort, Kite Beach offers everything a kiting enthusiast might want. Kite surfers enjoy Kite Beach and Bozo Beach while the windsurfers tend to stay over on the main Cabarete Beach.

Kite Beach and Bozo Beach offer a scattering of excellent kite surfing schools. For those who are experienced, you can rent equipment or hob-nob with some of the best in the sport. For the beginners, lessons are a must, and the Kite Beach area has many kite schools to select from.

While you are learning or perfecting your art in this exciting sport, stay at Velero Beach Resort on the opposite end of the Cabarete Bay. Velero Beach is the perfect location stay while you see and enjoy the sights of Cabarete.

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