Cabarete is such an exciting town because there is always something going on and entertaining things to do. The list of activities is so extensive, there is no way we could reasonably do it justice. So we have provided the following overview of selected activities to help spur on your thoughts as you plan your vacation with us here in the Dominican Republic.


Short drives from Velero Beach Resort bring you to several exciting island casinos providing exciting action on table games, roulette and slot machines. Your resort concierge will be happy to arrange transportation to the casino you want.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Cabarete offers breathtaking sweeping vistas with picturesque views of the mountains, hills and beach. One of the original pioneers of adventure tours, Iguana Mama, is located right in Cabarete.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Discover the exhilarating experience of stand up paddle boarding in the idyllic town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This tropical paradise offers crystal-clear waters, balmy weather, and stunning views, making it the perfect backdrop for a memorable SUP adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, Cabarete’s diverse coastline caters to all skill levels. Paddle through calm lagoons, explore hidden coves, or challenge yourself against the wind and waves.


Near the edge of El Choco National Park are the 5 million year old Cabarete Caves. Walk with the expert guides to learn about the Taino natives, the original inhabitants of the island of Hispaniola.

Horseback Riding

An exceptionally popular sport in the Dominican Republic, there are a number of equestrian centers in the area. Have you ever ridden a horse bare-back on an unspoiled golden sand beach?

Dirt & Motocross

Learn how to motocross with expert lessons or if you already know how, enjoy a mud-filled ride in the hills.

Ocean World

Enjoy a magical swim with the dolphins and sea lions in the worlds largest dolphin lagoon. This is a MUST SEE destination for guests of all ages. Only an hour away from Velero Beach Resort.

27 Charcos

Imagine 27 waterfalls spanning dozens of miles. Now imagine that you can tour them to leap over the falls into the deep river below. This is a hidden treasure.

Go-Kart Riding

Grab the kids and head for the Fun City Action Park.

ATV Rentals

Several operators in the local area offer guided tours into the ‘campo’ (countryside). Make sure you wear something…hmmm…washable.

El Choco National Park

Covering over 77km of protected land, including two large lagoons just behind Cabarete, is a picturesque national park you have to see to believe.

Dance Lessons

While you are here in the Dominican Republic you should learn the popular dances of the region; merengue, bacchata and salsa!

Ultralight Flights

Feel what it is like to soar like a bird and get some of the most amazing aerials photos of the region.

Helicopter Tours

The Dominican Republic is not some dinky little island, it’s huge. Rent a helicopter for a few hours and go from Cofresi to Playa Grande in minutes to see the grandeur of this beautiful country.

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