Puerto Plata Province continues its expansion into new markets and solidifies its status as a premier tourist destination. At the recent Tourism Fair ANATO 2024 in Bogota, Colombia, exciting developments were unveiled.

Arajet, the Dominican airline company, will inaugurate direct flights between Bogota and Puerto Plata from June to December 2024. This marks a historic moment as Puerto Plata has never before welcomed direct flights from Colombia. Colombian travelers rank third in frequency to the Dominican Republic, following only US and Canadian citizens. With this new connection, thousands of Colombians will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of our region, including our charming town of Cabarete.

Moreover, the significance of this new route extends beyond Colombia, as it links Puerto Plata to the entire Latin American continent. Bogota serves as a major international travel hub, providing seamless access to travelers from across the region. Gone are the days of arduous layovers and lengthy travel times – this direct route promises efficiency and convenience for those eager to experience our destination.

In addition, Wingo, the Colombian low-cost carrier, is also considering adding direct flights on the POP-Bogota route. The hospitality, tourism, and service sectors stand to benefit from increased visitor numbers and spending. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and resources between the Dominican Republic and Colombia holds the potential to ignite innovation and collaboration across industries, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, the introduction of direct flights represents a significant milestone for the economy of Puerto Plata Province. These flights bring unprecedented accessibility, opening doors for smaller establishments to thrive in the burgeoning tourism landscape. At Velero Beach Hotel, we are thrilled to welcome new guests and help them discover all the wonders of our small coastal town. If you’re planning a trip to Cabarete, our oceanfront rooms will be a great base for your Caribbean adventure. Please check our online calendar or send us an email to check the availability and rates for your dates.

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