Christmas Holidays at Velero Beach

Christmas is a magic time of the year. It’s not simply a holiday but also a time to reflect and give thanks to all people around us.

So we at Velero Beach Resort decided to join the Christmas celebrations and express our gratitude to our amazing and dedicated team. After all, it’s our staff that makes our guests experience at the hotel so remarkable and exceptional.

All our employees received a Christmas basket as a sign of appreciation for their effort and hard work. Besides, we also organized a Christmas sweepstakes so some members of the Velero Beach family got extra prizes, like a blender, fan, toaster oven and alike. Afterwards the team was invited to a special Christmas lunch.

It was such a joy to see everyone’s happy and grateful smile. Special thanks to our general manager Ebony Rodriguez who organized and coordinated this event.

And thanks to all our guests who chose to stay at Velero Beach this year. You’re our motivation and reason to keep working to higher quality and comfort standards.

Happy Holidays!

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