Sunset Grill Kitchen and Bar Remodeling

Our restaurant’s kitchen and bar were closed for almost 2 months this year for a major remodeling project. The remodeling was based on the inclusion of the following elements: an industrial kitchen, divided into a cold kitchen section and a hot kitchen section. The latter has under its design a glass window so customers can observe how their orders are being prepared in the kitchen. In addition, a room for cuts of meat, an area for seafood as well as bar improvements were parts of the project. The restaurant comes back with a fresh and totally transformed concept. Please feel welcome to visit us and taste our international cuisine menu with an island touch. Poolside drinks, fully stocked bar, room service and private chef services are also available.

Velero Beach Hotel Stairs Renovation

In 2021 at Velero Beach Resort, we also worked on the improvement of the common areas look and specifically, the building stairs. The stairs are a very important part of the building architecture and need to be convenient but safe at the same time for our guests. That’s why the natural stone was used originally for their design.

However, the constant exposure to the ocean salty air and sun led to the inevitable material wear and tear.

As a result, the decision was taken by the general administration to reinforce the metal handrail joints and change the first step cap. Once the change was completed, we also refreshed the painting so it all looked fresh and clean.
The works were conducted under direct and careful supervision of our general manager Ebony Rodriguez.

Bed Mattresses and Pillows Change

Our top priority has always been the comfort of our guests. Optimum conditions for a great night’s sleep is an important part of the customer experience. That’s why we decided to start the new 2022 year with a total upgrade of our beds. We’re changing all the mattresses and pillows in our hotel rooms. We believe it will improve considerably the quality of sleep at our hotel and will make you want to come back again and again.