How to Shop Online from Cabarete

Welcome to our beautiful hotel in Cabarete and thanks for preferring us! Whether you’re here for a relaxing vacation or an extended stay, we understand that shopping for essentials or special items can be a part of your experience. In today’s digital age, online shopping offers convenience and a wide variety of options. However, shopping online from Cabarete and getting your packages delivered here can be tricky. Fortunately, mail forwarding services offer a seamless solution. Here’s how you can easily get your online purchases delivered right to your doorstep here in Cabarete.

While online shopping is convenient, shipping internationally to the Dominican Republic can be complex and costly. Many global retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Shein, do not offer direct shipping to Cabarete, or they may charge high fees. Additionally, navigating customs regulations and import duties can add further complications.

Mail forwarding companies bridge the gap between online shopping and international delivery. These companies provide you with a U.S. mailing address, typically in Miami. You can use this address to shop from online retailers that offer domestic shipping within the U.S. Once your items arrive at the forwarding company’s warehouse, they handle the shipping to our hotel address in Cabarete, taking care of customs clearance and import procedures.

There are several mail forwarding companies in the Cabarete area, but we recommend EPS Courier Services for their reliability and excellent customer service. Here’s why:

  • EPS has offices in both Sosua and Cabarete, with free parking available.
  • They offer free delivery directly to our hotel.
  • The friendly EPS personnel are fluent in English and can explain procedures, including the US$200 package value limit for tax-free importation.
  • EPS covers the cost of any goods damaged during transportation or handling.
  • Their Miami address is tax-free, meaning purchases from Florida-based stores won’t include Florida sales tax.

For assistance or any questions, EPS’s customer service is available via WhatsApp at +1 (809) 571-0668.

For residents and visitors in Cabarete, mail forwarding services provide a crucial link between online shopping and doorstep delivery in Cabarete, simplifying international shipping. We recommend taking the time to research and choose a provider that best meets your needs, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Enjoy your stay in Cabarete and happy shopping!

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Flights from Bogota to Puerto Plata Are a Reality

Puerto Plata Province continues its expansion into new markets and solidifies its status as a premier tourist destination. At the recent Tourism Fair ANATO 2024 in Bogota, Colombia, exciting developments were unveiled.

Arajet, the Dominican airline company, will inaugurate direct flights between Bogota and Puerto Plata from June to December 2024. This marks a historic moment as Puerto Plata has never before welcomed direct flights from Colombia. Colombian travelers rank third in frequency to the Dominican Republic, following only US and Canadian citizens. With this new connection, thousands of Colombians will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of our region, including our charming town of Cabarete.

Moreover, the significance of this new route extends beyond Colombia, as it links Puerto Plata to the entire Latin American continent. Bogota serves as a major international travel hub, providing seamless access to travelers from across the region. Gone are the days of arduous layovers and lengthy travel times – this direct route promises efficiency and convenience for those eager to experience our destination.

In addition, Wingo, the Colombian low-cost carrier, is also considering adding direct flights on the POP-Bogota route. The hospitality, tourism, and service sectors stand to benefit from increased visitor numbers and spending. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and resources between the Dominican Republic and Colombia holds the potential to ignite innovation and collaboration across industries, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, the introduction of direct flights represents a significant milestone for the economy of Puerto Plata Province. These flights bring unprecedented accessibility, opening doors for smaller establishments to thrive in the burgeoning tourism landscape. At Velero Beach Hotel, we are thrilled to welcome new guests and help them discover all the wonders of our small coastal town. If you’re planning a trip to Cabarete, our oceanfront rooms will be a great base for your Caribbean adventure. Please check our online calendar or send us an email to check the availability and rates for your dates.

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Yoga Classes at Velero Beach Hotel

We constantly look for more ways to make our guests’ stay at our hotel even more comfortable and enjoyable. This time we’re happy to introduce yoga group and private classes.

The instructor Kathi will be glad to welcome you to her Vinyasa, Yin Yoga or VinYin classes that will take place at our garden just in front of the ocean in the open air.

Kathi is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200 hrs). She has proved trainings in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well as meditation and breathing techniques. 

All her classes take around 75 minutes and start with a nice grounding meditation and some breath work /pranayama. Then you would flow through the practice of asanas (physical poses) and end with a long nice conscious relaxation with either energetic cleansing with white sage or aromatherapy with essential oils to enhance the experience of deep relaxation.

Her classes are open to all pubic and levels, mats and props are provided. Classes can be also tailored to special needs and requests. The cost starts from US$25/per person depending on the group. Private classes are from US$50. Packages are available too and can be negotiated with Kathi directly. 

If you’re interested to sign up, please feel free to ask the reception for more details or do it directly from our website. Classes are open to the general public too. So even if you’re not staying at our hotel, please feel free to join us for a relaxing routine.


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Dominican Carnival Traditions Come to Cabarete

Have you ever heard of the Dominican Carnival? Every time you hear talk about carnivals, you must immediately think of Brazil. However, Carnival or “Carnaval” in Spanish and Portuguese are not only characteristic of Brazil. The truth is that having large celebrations at the end of winter are common for most Latin American countries.

This tradition has deep religious roots. Thus carnivals are usually celebrated before Easter and, most importantly, before Lent, period of repentance and abstinence from all earthly sins. During the Spanish conquest when Carnival traditions came from Europe to Latin America, African descendants gave the celebration a distinctive touch with dances and masks.

And the Dominican Republic isn’t an exception.

The Dominican carnival traditions definitely have their own twist but they carry an incredible vibe and upbeat energy!

Every Sunday during the month of February, colorful parades take place in every major city and region around the country. La Vega Carnival is considered the oldest, largest, and most popular of all. Each area has its own distinct costumes, masks, and mystical characters inspired by the Dominican folkloric traditions and beliefs. There are some common characters that you will find in any parade: El Diablo Cojuelo, Roba La Gallina, Los Taimáscaros, etc

You will have a chance to meet these and other Dominican carnival characters in Cabarete on March 25. This colorful event filled with music, dances, art, history and joy of life will take place on the main Cabarete beach. Besides, Cabarete carnival is the only show of all Dominican carnivals that takes place on a beach. You can find more details on Cabarete carnival main website. 

If you plan to join the show and look for an accommodation, Velero Beach will be happy to welcome you. Please check our booking engine for price and availability. Or contact our manager Rusbel Acosta at

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Support InspireDR For a Future Community Center

This coming Saturday February 4 at Goddess Beach Club, you have a chance to participate in a fundraising event by the local non-profit organization InspireDR and contribute to the construction of a future Cabarete Community Center.

InspireDR provides free after-school and summer programs to teach boys practical life skills and instill positive values. Since 2015, they have helped more than 100 boys on their path toward being responsible men, husbands, and fathers.

Every year before the pandemic they organized a fundraising event to collect money towards more programming & course materials as well as new workshops and community events. 2 years after the last InspireDR fiesta, everyone is now invited to the new Carnival edition 2023.

This year’s goal is to raise necessary funds to build a community center in Cabarete. It’s expected to become a key element for the organization. Since it will bring the community together by sustaining a space for educational and cultural purposes.

Besides making a meaningful impact on the noble cause, all guests will enjoy live music (Concón Quemao), tasty food and drinks, silent and live auctions, raffles, carnival & dance performances, fire show, and much more.

To get more details and buy tickets, please click the link. And hope to see you there on Saturday, it will be fun!

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Velero Beach Deposit hold policy

Deposit Policy and Credit/Debit Card Hold Release

As you might know from our official hotel policies and rules, at Velero Beach Resort we take a US$ 200 hold or cash security deposit upon your check-in. This is a common practice in the hotel industry worldwide aimed at covering any incidentals, room service and/or minibar charges. The client gets this deposit back after the room inspection once we make sure no damage was left in the unit. This rule applies equally to direct bookings and reservations made via online travel agencies.

There is an important detail to consider though when choosing your bank card for this security deposit hold. Because the type of your card will determine how much time it will take to get your money back.

Generally speaking, a hold will be released within 24 hours of checking out. But sometimes it can take up to a week to see the charge disappear. For example, Visa cards can only have a hold last for up to 30 days while American Express cards only allow holds for seven days. However, while payment networks set limits, banks each have their own standards in place for how long a pre-authorized charge may stay pending on your account. Besides, each bank has its waiting line and process speed with which they review hold releases.

We as a hotel are unable to release the funds ourselves and can’t control the timing. Especially if you use a debit card where the money can stay frozen for more than 30 days. Releasing a hold on debit cards can turn into an endless time-consuming story because you will most likely need to call your bank customer service and open a case. While hold release on credit cards will just mean cancelling the credit limit that we ask the hotel to put on your card.

To sum up, we send your bank a notification to release the funds immediately after your check-out but we can’t be responsible for the length of the hold. That’s why we strongly recommend to use cash deposits or credit card for the hold while avoiding debit cards to save your time and energy.

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Sunset Grill permit from Public Health

Sunset Grill Gets an Official Public Health Permit

This 2023 year started with great news for Velero Beach Resort. Following a scrupulous inspection, our restaurant Sunset Grill obtained an official restaurant permit from the Dominican Public Health Department.

All food and beverage establishments are required to have this permit to operate as an official proof of their good practices. To obtain this permit, Sunset Grill has to demonstrate the compliance with all food safety and hygiene regulations.

Besides, we were asked to present a certification of compliance with tax obligations issued by the General Directorate of Internal Taxes, stating that the restaurant is up to date in the declaration or payment of all corresponding taxes. Moreover, the up-to-date balance sheet certification from the Social Security Treasury (TSS) is also on the list of requirements.

As a result of several comprehensive inspections, we’re proud to announce that our restaurant was officially recognized to be compliant with all current regulations. That’s why we’re happy to invite you to check our menu and visit us any day between 8am and 10pm. We’re open to public and we receive table reservations by phone +1 (809)-571-9727 or through our social media Fb and Ig.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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Merry Christmas Velero Beach Resort Cabarete

Christmas Holidays at Velero Beach

Christmas is a magic time of the year. It’s not simply a holiday but also a time to reflect and give thanks to all people around us.

So we at Velero Beach Resort decided to join the Christmas celebrations and express our gratitude to our amazing and dedicated team. After all, it’s our staff that makes our guests experience at the hotel so remarkable and exceptional.

All our employees received a Christmas basket as a sign of appreciation for their effort and hard work. Besides, we also organized a Christmas sweepstakes so some members of the Velero Beach family got extra prizes, like a blender, fan, toaster oven and alike. Afterwards the team was invited to a special Christmas lunch.

It was such a joy to see everyone’s happy and grateful smile. Special thanks to our general manager Ebony Rodriguez who organized and coordinated this event.

And thanks to all our guests who chose to stay at Velero Beach this year. You’re our motivation and reason to keep working to higher quality and comfort standards.

Happy Holidays!

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8th Annual Dream Holiday Brunch

Velero Beach Resort was honoured to host the 8th Annual Dream Holiday Brunch this year.

The Dream Project is a renowned non-profit organization based in Cabarete. It provides high-quality educational opportunities for children, youth and families in the whole country. Within just 17 years, DREAM has grown from one small community in Cabarete to 15 throughout the Dominican Republic, educating more than 6,500 people through 17 innovative programs. DREAM offers literacy, early childhood education, youth leadership, the Bachata Academy and various community programs.

Every year DREAM organizes a Holiday Brunch event where everyone is welcome to join the Christmas season opening and also to contribute to the organization’s funds. Each of the participants becomes a contributor to DREAM’s education programs as all the profit from the sold event tickets goes to financing resources for more than 2,000 local youth and their families. Those who can’t assist are always welcome to donate to support the fundraiser through the official website.

This year Velero Beach Resort was chosen as a venue for this important community event. It was such a joy to see so many people assist to the brunch and enjoy all the activities. It’s heartwarming to realize how united and caring our Cabarete community is and how everyone is committed to giving back to all the nice local people contributing to a better future for their youth.

Besides, Velero Beach Resort also offered free meal certificates for our restaurant Sunset Grill. Those were awarded as prizes at the traditional Holiday Brunch sweepstakes.

We hope you can participate in the next year Dream Holiday brunch!

Below photos are courtesy of DREAM

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24th Dominican Jazz Festival Cabarete

24th Dominican Jazz Festival to take place in Cabarete

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival returns with two concerts

About the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

The Dominican Republic Jazz festival is one of the biggest cultural events in the Caribbean, with twenty years of history. Annually presenting a series of free concerts on the North Coast of the DR, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival has enjoyed participation by internationally acclaimed artists such as the prestigious GRAMMY Award winners Esperanza Spalding, Chuck Mangione, David Sanchez, Ray Baretto, Nestor Torres, Chucho Valdes and Arturo Sandoval, Ignacio Berroa, John Patitucci, and Joe Lovano among others.

24th edition to take place on November 11 and 12 on Cabarete beach

After a two-year break due to the health crisis that hit the world, the event returns with more force to offer “the music of musicians, jazz”, to the hundreds of people from all over the country and tourists from all over the world.

It will feature the participation of national and international artists, such as the Equatoguinean-Spanish singer, Buika, who stands out in different musical genres such as flamenco, jazz, tango and boleros, as well as Grupo Bonyé, with a repertoire that includes son, guaracha, montuno, traditional son, salsa, salve and merengue.

In addition to the presentations of important musicians and singers, the DR Jazz Festival 2022, offers an interesting agenda that includes different free musical educational workshops, jam sessions for those who want to improvise, as well as activities for the whole family.

Thanks to these concerts, more than 80 children with limited resources will benefit from classes in different musical instruments such as piano, drums, saxophone, guitar, bass, violin, cello, among other instruments, using Jazz as a teaching platform.

Hope to see you on the beach and enjoy magic music together! You can check the official program of the event on this website

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