Dawn on the Beach at Velero Beach ResortThe town of Cabarete is most well known to sporting enthusiasts for the protected bay and superior wind conditions perfect for wind surfing and kiteboarding. For those who like to watch these exciting sports more than do them, the beaches in and around the Cabarete area are perfect for you.

The Cabarete Beach is a broad expanse of golden white sand speckled with palm trees at its center to offer relaxing shady resting places. Along the beach are many excellent restaurants alongside exciting, pulse-pounding discos and nightlife scene. During the day these same establishments offer refreshments right on the beach for the perfect island lunch or snack. Sit, relax and watch the windsurfers do their dance on the turquoise ocean waters of Cabarete Bay.

Adjoining Cabarete Beach is Bozo Beach which will appear to be the same expanse of sand. The only difference is that Bozo Beach has fewer commercial establishments and palm trees yet retains the same relaxing spaciousness. Along Bozo Beach is where you will also find more kiteboard enthusiasts than wind surfers. Like Cabarete Beach, Bozo Beach faces the bay but just more to the west of the main part of town.

At the western tip of the Cabarete Bay, just around the corner, is Kite Beach. Getting its name from the vast number of kiteboarding enthusiasts, Kite Beach is offers a broad expanse of sand to get your rigging up or just relax and watch the sights. Kite Beach has many restaurants and bars, typically within smaller hotel establishments but available to the public.

Velero Beach itself, directly in front of Velero Beach Resort, is at the eastern tip of the 2km long Cabarete Beach. This is a perfect place to go swimming or even to try your hand at one of the local water sports. So from Kite Beach to the west to Velero Beach on the east you will be able to enjoy an unbroken expanse of golden white sand, delicious food, cooling drinks and exciting water activities!