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Relax in total comfort at Velero Beach Resort; Dominican Republic beachfront condo hotel in Cabarete.
Cabarete Beach; Gorgeous Golden Sand
The magnificent Cabarete beach is one of the natural wonders of the Dominican Republic.  Among its many unique features, it is one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach on the island of Hispaniola.  The main bay of Cabarete, where Velero Beach Resort is located, is over 2km long.  But the entire span of uninterrupted sand is over 45km!

Velero Beach Resort sits on the eastern most tip of the main Cabarete bay, affording it an awe-inspiring view of the beachfront and many sporting activities.  One of the most active sports in the area is windsurfing where the world championships have been held five times in the past fifteen years.  Also prevalent is kite boarding which has also seen a world championship meet here.  Imagine reclining on the beach, with your favorite drink, watching the best in the world do their stuff!

Cabarete beach is a broad expanse of golden/white sand with palm trees located central to the beach.  Along the beach are dozens of restaurants, bars and local shopping destinations.  Strolling the beach (or jogging in the early morning) is a favorite activity because there are so many things to see and experience.



Cabarete Beach Photos

Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach: Over 2km of gorgeous golden/white sand beach await you. Hurry and make your reservation today!
Cabarete Bay
Cabarete Beach: The Cabarete bay offers a unique location for a myriad of activities and excursions.
Another Day at Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach: Just another perfect day in paradise here on the wonderful Cabarete beach.
Cabarete Windsurfing
Cabarete Beach: Come and see why the world championships of windsurfing have been held here for five years!
The Golden Sand of Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach: Beautiful, soft golden sand beach that seems to go on forever...
Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach: Imagine a safe, relaxing destination for you and your family to enjoy a true beach vacation...at a fraction of the cost!
Velero Beach Bed on the Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach: Relax on the unique and unusual beach beds overlooking the sweeping vistas of Cabarete beach.
Cabarete Beach Sunset
Cabarete Beach: At the end of the day you can enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets over the Cabarete beach.
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